Soutien aux inculpés du 11 Novembre : Sabotages - Call of the 9 of Tarnac Solidarity Group
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Sabotages - Call of the 9 of Tarnac Solidarity Group

Tuesday 3 March 2009 , by Rennes

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Sabotages - Call of the 9 of Tarnac Solidarity Group

Rennes Solidarity group’s first demand is the immediate release and the end of all legal proceedings held up against the 9 of novembre 11, regardless any consideration of innocence or guiltiness.

Antiterrorism has nothing to do with terrorism. The terrorist appellation refers to a figure of the inhumane, the barbarian, in order to produce a society in which rebellious intentions are totally suppressed. Then, terrorists subjects are constructed from real lives with their singularity, their habits, their links. The Police constructs a « mouvance », a network which means a vague belonging. A type of object offering an inexhaustible character is created. Then, inquiries are endless, expendable at will, the threat is permanent, omnipresent. The spreading of those threat puts security at the center of all collective relationships. The antiterrorism pretext aims at getting us used to an increasing police presence, a climate that enables to suspect anyone of « State enemy» as long as he has an intention. We know that the treatment used against «sans-papiers» (unregulated immigrants), the automatic registration of sidetrack people (Edvige project in France) or anti-terrorist procedures is our lot to all. In France as in Italy, Germany, USA and elsewhere, anti-terrorism is clearly not a tool that States would wave as a totalitarian tendency but truly the base of a new worldwide government regime. The Solidarity group, then recognizes the common existing among all those under the yoke of anti-terrorist laws, who would take part in all organized attempt to scuttle them.

As for the acts of sabotage, the solidarity group regards them as a political gesture among others in a situation where politics could be summed up as security dogma. By the way, in 2007, the SNCF (French national railway company) could count 27 thousand acts of destruction upon its network. The sabotage, taken on its own is therefore not as special as some would like to make us believe. Historically it’s one of the most efficient technique of action, used by all the not-resigned of the capitalist order to hold practically a strenght relationship against the employers. More recently, remember that one of the slogan of the CPE movement (three months of continual strikes in 2005) was « stop the floods » !

None can ignore the conflictualities shaping the present times. Let’s only consider the rise of « outrages », the riots in detention centres for illegal immigrants, the burning cars after Sarkozy’s election, Villiers-le-bel riots etc, to feel the fear of those in power of a possible contamination of the Greek blazing-up. No doubts exist : we are nearing explosion. There is nothing striking in the fact that the railway man arrested in Bergerac (at the same time than the 9) and accused of sabotage, tells himself an anti-capitalist. The Solidarity group take into account the historical turn in which happened those arrestations and put the question of insurrection at its center. Either talking of Greece or of the « insurrection qui vient » (the « coming insurrection », book used as a proof of the « network » in the affair of Tarnac) has been criminalised with the novembre 11 affair. The best answer to this criminalisation is the reassertion of insurrection as a political opposition. The burning suburbs in novembre 2005, the CPE movement which followed or the high-school pupils of today shows, among other events, that acts set on the scale of our rebellion will intensify the fights.